“She was dynamic. A simple pleasure with rich taste. Her name was Brooklyn and at her core lived a blend: education meets dedication. Beautiful by body, mind, and soul. Nightly,I found myself bathing in the light of her truth. Brooklyn defined my motivation and she became my muse.”

We met outside of New York City at a coffee roaster in the District. It was brief but unforgettable. Eventually, we lost touch but what lingers is the scent of her hair. On a misty day…I stare into her eyes. Brooklyn shook up my world like the first time hearing hip-hop. I’ll never be the same thanks to Brooklyn and if our paths ever cross again, I’ll spend the rest of my life getting to know her.

Group Dining

Brooklyn embraces the art of celebration. Host your special occasion within and create memories like no other. We provide open spacing and private chic formats to fit any and all events. Trust your family with Brooklyn.

For more information contact info@brooklynonu.com



Steeped in history, Brooklyn is for the creatives and by the creative. The historic U Street corridor is her father and the District her mother. With two levels of love, Brooklyn graduates a U Street scene that matured through evolution. Connect, cherish, celebrate with Brooklyn.


Brooklyn blends culture with cuisine bringing all people together. An infectious vibe, palpable energy, and savory palette is Brooklyn. Replete with a brick oven for artisanal pizzas, craft cocktails, and two-levels of pure sophistication. Meet Brooklyn once, you will never forget her.